Service dogs help people with many disabilities and also provide an invaluable friend relationship.

Mobility: Our service dogs are trained to help people with physical limitations either from injury or illness.
They can open and close doors, bring a telephone to you, pick up objects fallen to the floor, help pull you in a wheel chair, take off your shoes and socks and many more assistance skills.

Seizure Alert: Our service dogs trained in this very specialized area can give you advance warning to an on-coming seizure or sudden peaks in blood pressure. This advance warning can provide the owner time to take preventative care measures to protect themselves.

Autism Assist: We take particular pride in our service dogs trained to help the families of children with autism. The service dog is trained in a team approach with the parents and child. The dogs are paired with the family and assist the parents in calming the child during crisis, tracking the autistic child that wanders away, as well as helping the child maintain social behaviors in public and in school settings.


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