Arctic Paws for Service uses specifically bred dogs that are raised for the sole purpose of providing assistance to those in need. Temperament, intelligence, and physical heath are the foundation of the animals we train. Many of the dogs we use are born and raised here in Alaska. We have also developed strong ties with canine assist organizations in the lower 48 which occasionally provide us with young animals to help our Alaskans in need.

Each animal we train and develop receives a complete health screening and is spayed/neutered by All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Wasilla, Alaska. All Creatures is a major sponsor of our efforts to provide healthy, socialized, and well trained assistance dogs.

Before placement to an individual, the skills are refined with specific needs in mind. A service dog can open doors, retrieve objects, assist in undressing, turn lights of and on, alert to high blood pressure or seizure, track and assist in daily living of children with autism.


A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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