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Help a special Family in Alaska with two autistic children...

We're asking for your help to Make Their Dream Come True.
Niobe and Odin Vicks need a service dog.

From the Words of Their Father, Matthew Vicks:

Autism is just a word. It's not the end. It's a journey that will take you through many different things to unlock the doors to find who is on the other side.
We have been blessed with two amazing children. Both who have autism. Just like any child they enjoy playing with toys, riding bike, swimming, making pancakes and going to the park.
They both have many different challenges they face on a daily basis. Imagine if you were able to hear every noise in your surroundings then asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
Imagine if you could see the crisp vivid details of everything in your range of sight and were then asked to put on all your clothes. Processing information can be stressful in itself when you're filtering system is a little different than everyone else. Making eye contact, following simple directions like, "Let's pick up your toys, then we can eat a snack," becomes overwhelming. Both kids have delayed speech and understanding of daily tasks. Social interactions are difficult for them and the simple act of playing with their peers is a challenge. They struggle understanding the social boundaries of daily life.
Niobe is 7 years old and always makes us smile. She is a sweet spirit that has dealt with so many things in her short life. She has gone from nonverbal, no eye contact to a little girl that smiles from ear to ear and wants to interact socially with her classmates. Niobe's symptoms of autism are more intense than her brothers. Her sensitivity to new situations, noises and visual surroundings have sent her into many meltdowns that physically wear her out. She is an amazing reader and enjoys many adventures with all her stuffed animals. Niobe just wants to please everyone around her and works so hard all of the time.

Odin is 4 years old and is our little energizer bunny. From the time his feet hit the floor, he was jumping, bouncing, spinning and making his "Eeeeeh" sounds. He has very minimal speech but is making leaps and bounds in his communication. Odin is always seeking some kind of sensory stimulation. With lack of speech and no sense of safety, we have to watch him all the time. He is such a happy boy with a smile and eyes that melts you. Odin loves his trains and trucks like any boy does. He lines them up with such accuracy. Simple changes in his routine can send him into tears and frustration with a rigid and tense body. His ability to pick up and master a new skill in a one on one setting is nothing short of amazing. Odin wants to learn and has such a soft heart.
As parents, we want to offer our kids every opportunity to excel in life. By having a service dog our kids, will be able to have a friend guide them through social interactions that seem normal to us. The dog will be trained to sense oncoming panic and stress in our kids and offer soothing licks or a redirecting nudge to focus on something else. The dog will also be trained to track in the case of them wandering off. This dog will be such a blessing and gift to our babies to help them navigate through life.
We thank you with humble hearts and pray blessings for helping this dream come true for our family.

  The Vicks Family